To manage material flow and conversion adequately in our society, it is very important to reduce wastes, to promote recycling, and to make plans reasonably to construct proper treatment and disposal facilities, based on public involvement. Our goal of research is to develop reasonable solid waste resource management systems from the practical and technical viewpoints by using system approaches and socio-economic methods.


Solid Waste Resources, Planning, Risk Management, Recycling, Material Flow and Conversion, and Public Involvement.

Academic Staff

Professor: Kazuei ISHII

B.Eng. Hokkaido University
M.Eng. Hokkaido University
Ph.D.(Eng.) Hokkaido University
Environment Engineering
Waste management
Remediation of Polluted Soil and Groundwater
Biomass utilization

Main Experiences:
Assistant Professor, Hokkaido University
Associate Professor, Hokkaido University
Committee for governmental authorities and the NPO Biomass Hokkaido

Email: k-ishii [at] eng.hokudai.ac.jp

Assistant Professor: Shiho Ishikawa





Main Experiences:


Email: shiho [at] eng.hokudai.ac.jp